Density of acetylcholine receptor sites in sternomastoid muscle fibers after denervation

Range 3 days after denervation ~100: 10 days after denervation ~200 sites/µm^2
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Salpeter MM, Marchaterre M, Harris R. Distribution of extrajunctional acetylcholine receptors on a vertebrate muscle: evaluated by using a scanning electron microscope autoradiographic procedure. J Cell Biol. 1988 Jun106(6):2087-93. p.2092 right column bottom paragraphPubMed ID3384854
Method Scanning electron microscope (SEM) autoradiography
Comments "[Researchers] values obtained beyond 50µm from the endplate, range, on the average, from ~100 sites/µm^2 for 3-d denervates to ~200 sites/µm^2 10 d after denervation. These values are consistent with those given by different techniques in studies using rodent extensor digitorium longus, soleus, or sternomastoid muscles (Pestronk et al., 1976 Change et al., 1975 Levitt-Gilmour and Salpeter, 1986 Loring and Salpeter, 1978). These above mentioned studies report 150-180 sites/µm^2 4-5 d after denervation,and 200-370 sites/µm^2 7 and 8 d after denervation. Higher values (~500 sites/µm^2) given by Fambrough (1974) for rat diaphragm 14 d after denervation may reflect differences in technique or a continued rise in site density with time after denervation."
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