Total carbon stored in the atmosphere

Value 720 10^15 g Range: Table - link 10^15 g
Organism Biosphere
Reference aquatic photosynthesis, Falkowski and Raven 2007, 2nd ed. p.158 table 5.1
Comments P.158: "In the surface ocean, for example, total dissolved inorganic carbon (i.e., TCO2) is close to that of the atmosphere (corresponding to approximately 375µmol/mol total gas) so that there is approximately a 50-fold higher concentration of dissolved inorganic carbon in the ocean than of CO2 in the atmosphere* (Table 5.1)." *"Henry’s law is dependent on the partial pressure of the gas under consideration. At sea level, the total atmospheric pressure is ~101kPa. As the volume concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere is about 0.35%, the partial pressure of the gas corresponds to about 35Pa. At higher elevations, as would be found for Alpine lake conditions, for example, the equilibrium concentration of dissolved CO2 would be necessarily lower than that at sea level due to the lower overall total atmospheric pressure."
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