Plant Empirical Transcription Rate (PETR) distribution

Value 38.47 transcripts/hour/cell Range: (in the ln space μ=3.65, sigma=1.13) transcripts/hour/cell
Organism Thale cress Arabidopsis thaliana
Reference Uriel Urquiza-García, and Andrew J. Millar, Testing the inferred transcription rates of a dynamic, gene network model in absolute units, bioRxiv preprint doi: link this version posted March 20, 2021, figure 6d
Method Caption to figure 6d: “… Sidaway-Lee’s distribution of transcription rates, transformed using the regression into units of ln[transcripts] [cell]^-1 [h]^-1, compared to a normal distribution (solid line) with maximum likelihood estimation for the mean (μ=3.65) and standard deviation (σ=1.13) of the transcription rates.”
Comments “Figure 6c shows a highly significant correlation between the data sets (r^2~ 0.8), and Figure 6d applies the regression to rescale the Sidaway-Lee distribution, yielding an average transcription rate of 38.4 in units of [transcripts][cell]^-1[h]^-1, with a one standard deviation span from 12.42-119.7 [transcripts][cell]^-1[h]^-1.”
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