Some enzyme and RNA turnover rates in various plant tissues under normal conditions

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Organism Plants
Reference F. W. T. Penning De Vries, The cost of maintenance processes in plant cells, Annals of Botany Volume 39, 1975 Issue 1 pp.77-92 link p.79 table 1
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Comments P.79 bottom paragraph: "More information about protein turnover can be found on the level of individual enzymes. However, quantities of enzymes are seldom reported, which is a great handicap in using these data. Some enzyme turnover rates have been collected in Table 1. The high turnover rate of vacuolar invertase in sugar cane (Table 1) was questioned by Trewavas (primary source) because of the method used in its determination. Degradation and resynthesis of RuDPCase in expanded barley leaves was investigated by Peterson et al. (primary source)."
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