Estimated photosynthetic Vmax and apparent K0.5(CO2) for cells in high, low, and very low CO2 states

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Organism Chlamydomonas reinhardtii
Reference Peter Vance and Martin H Spalding, Growth, photosynthesis, and gene expression in Chlamydomonas over a range of CO2 concentrations and CO2/O2 ratios: CO2 regulates multiple acclimation states, Canadian Journal of Botany, 2005, 83(7): 796-809, link p.804 table 3
Method Abstract: "Growth, photosynthesis, and induction of two low CO2-inducible genes of Chlamydomonas reinhardtii Dangeard strain CC125 were quantified in a range of physiologically relevant CO2 and O2 concentrations (5%-0.005% CO2 and 20% or 2% O2) using airlift bioreactors to facilitate the simultaneous measurement of both growth and in situ photosynthetic rates." P.798 right column 2nd paragraph: "The liquid cultures were used to inoculate two Kontes Cytolift bioreactors (Fisher Scientific, Hanover Park, Illinois), each containing 670 mL minimal liquid medium at 25°C, 150 μE of continuous light, and a gas flow rate of 0.34 L/min sparged through a metal rod filter protruding from the base of the bioreactor into the liquid medium."
Comments P.803 left column bottom paragraph: "Making the assumption that the cultures within each group represented distinct physiological states and thus had internally similar photosynthetic characteristics, the regression line in each double-reciprocal plot was used to calculate the maximum velocity (Vmax) and K0.5(CO2) of photosynthesis for each corresponding CO2 concentration group (Table 3). Photosynthetic measurements showed three different apparent affinities for CO2, consistent with the assumption that the groups reflect three different physiological states."
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