Concentration of glutamate in forebrain and cerebellum (about 50% less in various parts of brain stem)

Value 10 µmol/g
Organism Unspecified
Reference Krnjević, K. "Chemical nature of synaptic transmission in vertebrates." Physiological Reviews pp.418-540 :(1974) 54.2 p.464 top paragraph
Primary Source [107] Berl S, Waelsch H. Determination of glutamic acid, glutamine, glutathione and gamma-aminobutyric acid and their distribution in brain tissue. J Neurochem. 1958 Dec3(2):161-9 [1100] Sunita I. Singh & C. L. Malhotra, Amino acid content of monkey brain-I. General pattern and quantitative value of glutamic acid/glutamine, γ‐aminobutyric acid and aspartic acid, Journal of Neurochemistry. 1962, Vol. 9, pp. 37 to 42 [1157] Tallan, H. H. A survey of the amino acids and related compounds in nervous tissue. In: Amino-Acid Pools, edited by J. T. Holden. Amsterdam: Elsevier, 1962, p. 471-485.PubMed ID13621238
Method Primary sources [107] and [1100] studied rat and rhesus monkey, respectively
Comments P.464 top paragraph: "Surveys of different regions of the brain (primary sources) show that glutamate is present everywhere, but is in higher concentration (10µmol/g) in the forebrain and cerebellum: in various parts of the brainstem, such as the medulla and pons, the concentration is about 50% less."
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