Cell volume

Value 0.09 µm^3
Organism Bacteria Rickettsia prowazekii
Reference Pang H, Winkler HH.The concentrations of stable RNA and ribosomes in Rickettsia prowazekii. Mol Microbiol. 1994 Apr12(1):115-20 p.117 note 'e' beneath Table 2 and p.117 left columnPubMed ID7520114
Comments P.117 note 'e' beneath Table 2: "RNAs concentration: stable RNA concentration. The cell volumes of E. coli and R. prowazekii were estimated as 1.1µm^-3 and 0.09µm^-3 respectiveiy (Austin and Winkler, 1988)." P.117 left column: "Accordingly, as shown in Table 2, R. prowazekii had 5.6 fg of stable RNA and 1500 ribosomes per cell, which is only about 8% of the amount of stable RNA and ribosomes found in E. coli (71.2fg and 24 000 per cell). However, the cell volume of the rickettsiae is only about 8% of that of E. coli (0.09µm^3 vs 1.1µm^3, (Austin and Winkler, 1988))."
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