T cell development by the numbers

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Reference Krueger A, Ziętara N, Łyszkiewicz M. T Cell Development by the Numbers. Trends Immunol. 2017 Feb38(2):128-139. doi: 10.1016/j.it.2016.10.007 p.137 table 1PubMed ID27842955
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Comments P.135 bottom paragraph: "Developing a good quantitative model of a biological process depends on the quality of data serving as input for computational models. Thus, some major progress has been made in recent years with the development of fate-mapping approaches, barcoding, and genetically encoded molecular timers. The most solid quantitative information on T cell development primarily exists at the level of the population dynamics of HSCs [hematopoietic stem cells] and their BM [bone marrow]-resident descendants up to thymus colonization and then again for thymic selection (Figure 3 and Table 1)." See abbreviations beneath refs beneath table
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