Calcium levels in dendritic regions near activated input fibers

Range ≤2 - 10 µM
Organism Guinea Pig Cavia porcellus
Reference Regehr WG, Tank DW. Calcium concentration dynamics produced by synaptic activation of CA1 hippocampal pyramidal cells. J Neurosci. 1992 Nov12(11):4202-23. abstractPubMed ID1359030
Method Abstract p.4202 left column top paragraph: "[Investigators] have used microfluorimetry of the calcium indicator fura-2 (Grynkiewicz et al., 1985) to measure and characterize synaptically activated calcium changes in individual CA1 pyramidal cells contained within guinea pig hippocampal slices."
Comments Abstract p.4202 left column bottom paragraph: "Measurements made with the indicator furaptra also showed large localized AP5-sensitive fluorescence changes. [Investigators'] results suggest that in dendritic regions near activated input fibers calcium levels may reach 2-10µM."
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