Phage capsid size and genome length calibration data set

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Organism Bacteriophage
Reference Jover LF, Effler TC, Buchan A, Wilhelm SW, Weitz JS. The elemental composition of virus particles: implications for marine biogeochemical cycles. Nat Rev Microbiol. 2014 Jul12(7):519-28. doi: 10.1038/nrmicro3289. Supplementary information S2 (table)PubMed ID24931044
Comments P.521 left column: "A complete list of biophysical and biochemical constants can be found in Supplementary information S1 (box) the raw data supporting the calculations in the box are available in Supplementary information S2 (table), Supplementary information S3 (table BNID 112434) and Supplementary information S4 (table)." Supplementary Information p.3 top paragraph: "[Investigators] cross-collated phages in the catalog that had available EM-s (with scale bars) and identified 57 candidate dsDNA phage, of which 3 were identified to be lipid-containing (phages PRD1, PM2, and AP50) and removed. Hence, [their] final data set included 54 phage (see Supplementary information S2 (table) for names and accession information). [They] measured the capsid diameter of each phage based on the available EM image (measurements in Supplementary information S2 (table)). Linear regression of genome length against capsid size yields an estimate of the “fill” of viral capsids to be 0.52±0.03 (see Figure S3).Again, this result is consistent with variation based on prior measurements and provides further posterior validation to [their] estimate of the fill parameter and its uncertainty."
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