Hemoglobin oxygen-binding capacity

Range in vitro 1.365±0.01 in vivo 1.366±0.007 Table - link mL O2/gram
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Dominguez de Villota ED, Ruiz Carmona MT, Rubio JJ, de Andrés S (1981). "Equality of the in vivo and in vitro oxygen-binding capacity of haemoglobin in patients with severe respiratory disease". Br J Anaesth 53 (12): 1325–8. doi:10.1093/bja/53.12.1325 summary & p.1326 table II & right column top paragraphPubMed ID7317251
Method Summary:"The in vitro sample was tonometered with 97% oxygen for 10 min and then with air, while the in vivo sample was obtained after 20 min of lung ventilation with pure oxygen."
Comments Summary:"The mean oxygen-binding capacity of haemoglobin in vitro and in vivo samples were almost equal (1.365±0.010 and 1.366±0.007 ml per g Hb). When the measured inactive fractions of haemoglobin (carboxy- and methaemoglobin) were taken into account, these values increased to 1.392±0.005 and 1.392±0.007 ml per g Hb respectively." p.1326 right column top paragraph:"The mean value of the oxygen-binding capacity of Hb, uncorrected for the inactive fractions of Hb, was 1.366 for the in vivo and 1.365 ml per g Hb for the in vitro samples. When the inactive fractions of Hb were taken into account, both values increased to 1.392 ml per g Hb. No significant differences were found in the paired comparison of the in vivo and in vitro determinations (table II)."
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