Velocity of conduction of nerve impulses in selected cases

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Organism Metazoa animals
Reference Theodore Holmes Bullock and G. Adrian Horridge (1965) Structure and Function in the Nervous System of Invertebrates, volume 1 pp.150-151 table 3.4
Comments "Table 3.4 and fig.3.12 [BNID 110594] show selected data on the velocity of conduction in a wide variety of preparations. This property of nerve fibers varies over a range of several hundred to one, and almost this whole range can be found among the nerve fibers of one animal. These statements cannot be made more precise because [investigators’] knowledge of the lower limits of velocity is based on but a few cases and not an adequate sample." "Additional values may be found in the respective systematic chapters. See also Schaefer, 1940 & Handbook of Biological Data, 1956." See notes beneath table
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