Velocity of nerve impulse conduction as a function of fiber diameter

Range Figure - link m/sec
Organism Metazoa animals
Reference Richard W. Hill, Gordon A. Wyse, Margaret Anderson, Animal Physiology, Third Edition 2012, figure 12.26
Primary Source Theodore Holmes Bullock and G. Adrian Horridge (1965) Structure and Function in the Nervous System of Invertebrates, volume 1 p.149 figure 3.12 figure - link
Comments Primary source caption to fig.3.12 "A wide assortment of animals and preparations is compared. Where lines are not drawn the data for fibers of the same type but different diameter are not available." Primary source p.148 right column bottom paragraph:"Table 3.4 [BNID 110597] and fig.3.12 show selected data on the velocity of conduction in a wide variety of preparations. This property of nerve fibers varies over a range of several hundred to one, and almost this whole range can be found among the nerve fibers of one animal. These statements cannot be made more precise because [investigators’] knowledge of the lower limits of velocity is based on but a few cases and not an adequate sample."
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