Estimated partial molar entropy of aqueous ribose & aqueous ribose 5-phosphate

Range aqueous ribose 204±20: aqueous ribose 5-phosphate 69 J/mol/K
Organism Generic
Reference Robert N. Goldberg and Yadu B. Tewari, Thermodynamic and Transport Properties of Carbohydrates and their Monophosphates: The Pentoses and Hexoses, J. Phys. Chem. Ref. Data 18, 809 (1989) link p.816 left column bottom paragraph
Comments "In constructing the thermochemical tables it was necessary to make estimates of two entropies, specifically the partial molar entropies of aqueous ribose and ribose 5-phosphate. The estimated entropy of 204±20 J/mol/K for aqueous ribose is based upon the partial molar entropy of aqueous xylose. In this respect, note that the values of the partial molar entropies of the aqueous hexoses are reasonably close to each other. The estimated entropy of 69 J/mol/K for aqueous ribose 5-phosphate is based upon an experimental determination of the enthalpy change (-5.69kJ/mol) and an estimated equilibrium constant of 420 for the hydrolysis of ribose 5-phosphate [ref 36]. Since these two estimates substantially extend the thermochemical network, [researchers] believe that they are useful. Clearly, measurments which would eliminate the need for these estimates are desirable."
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