Total-Nitrogen to Total-Protein conversion factor

Value 5.5 grams of total-protein/grams of total-nitrogen Range: 5.45 to 5.55 (See Protein-Nitrogen to Total-Protein conversion factor for range basis). grams of total-protein/grams of total-nitrogen
Organism Wistar and Zucker rats
Reference Rafecas I. Whole-rat protein content estimation : applicability of the N x 6.25 factor. British Journal of Nutrition (1994), 12, 199-209. abstractPubMed ID7947640
Comments Note: Grams of total nitrogen in mammals or mammal tissue includes non-protein-nitrogen (NPN) like DNA, RNA, Free AA's, Creatine, etc., therefore multiplying the mammal tissue nitrogen by the "average amino acid nitrogen constant" to estimate total protein will overestimate the protein. For man, the NPN = 8-10%.
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