Cell volumes, (total mRNA when available) and total proteins per cell

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Organism Various
Reference Michael Lynch and Georgi K. Marinov, The bioenergetic costs of a gene, PNAS 2015 doi: 10.1073/pnas.1514974112 link Supplementary Materials p.10 Supplementary table 4
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Comments Supplementary material p.6 right column bottom paragraph to p.7 left column 2nd paragraph:"For the total number of proteins, direct measurements are available for several species (Supplementary Table 4), which allowed [investigators] to derive the following power-law relationship between the cell volume V and Ntot,p: Ntot,p = (1.6×10^6)V^0.93 (eq.5) where V is in units of µm^3. The analogous relationship for the total number of mRNAs, also based on a limited set of available direct measurements (Supplementary Table 4), has the following form: Ntot,r = (8.837×10^3)V^0.36 (eq.6)" See note above table
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