Number of mtDNA molecules in oocyte

Range ≤100,000 mtDNA molecules/oocyte
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Tom Strachan & Andrew Read, Human Molecular Genetics, 4th edition 2011 Garland science, Organization of the human genome, Chapter 9 p.260 3rd paragraph in link
Comments P.260 3rd paragraph: "There is a single nuclear genome in sperm and egg cells and just two copies in most somatic cells, in contrast to the hundreds or even thousands of copies of the mitochondrial genome. Because the size of the nuclear genome is about 186,000 times the size of a mtDNA molecule, however, the nucleus of a human cell typically contains more than 99% of the DNA in the cell-the oocyte is a notable exception because it contains as many as 100,000 mtDNA molecules."
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