Best fitting equations for rates of synthesis of rRNA, tRNA, and protein

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Organism Bread mold Neurospora crassa
Reference Alberghina FA, Sturani E, Gohlke JR Levels and rates of synthesis of ribosomal ribonucleic acid, transfer ribonucleic acid, and protein in Neurospora crassa in different steady states of growth.J Biol Chem. 1975 Jun 25 250(12):4381-8. abstract & p.4385 table IVPubMed ID124730
Method "The levels of ribosomes, tRNA molecules, and total protein per genome in Neurospora mycelia have been determined in eight different conditions of exponential growth."
Comments "The equations that best describe the dependence of the rate of synthesis of the macromolecules on the rate of growth (µ) have been determined. The rate of rRNA synthesis (rr), expressed as nucleotides polymerized/min/genome, is given by the equation: rr=6.51X10^-7µ^2.19. The rate of protein synthesis (rp), expressed as amino acids polymerized/min/ genome is given by the following relationship: rp=-1.43X10^-7+3.43X10^8µ. The equation describing the tRNA synthesis (rt) expressed as nucleotides/min/ genome is rt=6.45X10^5Xexp2.30µ however, more accurate determinations appear to be required for a firmer assignment of this latter equation."
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