Osmotic pressure in cell

Range E. coli 5 - 6 atm: S. aureus 20 - 25 atm atm
Organism bacteria
Reference Nanninga, N., and Woldringh, C.L. (1985). Cell growth, genome duplication, and cell division. In Molecular Cytology of Escherichia coli, N. Nanninga, ed. (London: Academic Press), pp. 259–318. p.267 top paragraph
Primary Source P Mitchell, J Moyle (1956) Symp. Soc. Gen. Microbiol, 6, 150-180
Comments "Early measurements indicated the presence of a considerable osmotic pressure in bacterial cells. In E. coli the osmotic pressure would be 5-6 atm, whereas in Staphylococcus aureus values of 20 to 25 atm have been found (see primary source)."
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