Half-life of CR-actin in epithelial keratocytes

Value 3.8 min Range: ±1 min
Organism Goldfish Carassius spp.
Reference Theriot JA, Mitchison TJ. Actin microfilament dynamics in locomoting cells. Nature. 1991 Jul 11 352(6331):126-31. doi:10.1038/352126a0 p.128 right column top paragraphPubMed ID2067574
Method "To investigate the dynamic behavior of CR-actin in stress fibres, the rate of polymer turnover was measured by activating a small region of a living injected cell and measuring total fluorescence in the stress fibres over time (fig 2c-f)."
Comments "The half-life of CR-actin in stress fibres was 3.8 min (s.d.=1, n=14). The half-time of turnover of individual stress fibres in a given cell varied as much as twofold."
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