Ionic radius of Mg2+

Value 0.65 Å Range: Table - link Å
Organism Generic
Reference Maguire ME, Cowan JA. Magnesium chemistry and biochemistry. Biometals. 2002 Sep15(3):203-10. p.205 table 1PubMed ID12206387
Primary Source Cowan JA. 1995 The Biological Chemistry of Magnesium, New York, NY: VCH Publishers. de Valk HW. 1999 Magnesium in diabetes mellitus. Neth J Med 54, 139–146. & Diebler H, Eigen M, Ilgenfritz G, Maass G, Winkler R. 1969 Kinetics and mechanism of reactions of main group metal ions with biological carriers. Pure Appl Chem 20, 93–115 & Eigen M. 1963 Fast elementary steps in chemical reaction mechanisms. Pure Appl Chem 6, 97–115
Comments “Insight into the interesting biological roles and properties of Mg2+ may be gleaned from consideration of the basic chemical properties of Mg2+, properties that make it unique amongst biological cations. The size of a Mg2+ cation and some derivative properties are compared to those of K+, Na+ and Ca2+ in Table 1. The ionic radius of Mg2+ is substantially smaller and it’s hydrated radius substantially larger than that of the other three cations.”
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