Average number of particles emitted per sneeze

Value 1e+6 Particles Range: Table - link Particles
Organism Unspecified
Reference Nicas M, Nazaroff WW, Hubbard A. Toward understanding the risk of secondary airborne infection: emission of respirable pathogens. J Occup Environ Hyg. 2005 Mar2(3):143-54. p.147 left column top paragraph and table IIPubMed ID15764538
Primary Source Duguid JP. The size and the duration of air-carriage of respiratory droplets and droplet-nuclei. J Hyg (Lond). 1946 Sep44(6):471-9.PubMed ID20475760
Comments "Table II lists the particle counts in different diameter ranges as reported by Duguid for a cough and a sneeze. The average number of particles emitted per cough and per sneeze was 5×10^3 and 1×10^6, respectively."
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