Inhalation LD50 in mice when carried on particles with da = 2 μm

Value 200 Particles
Organism Bacteria Streptococcus group C
Reference Nicas M, Nazaroff WW, Hubbard A. Toward understanding the risk of secondary airborne infection: emission of respirable pathogens. J Occup Environ Hyg. 2005 Mar2(3):143-54. p.144 left column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID15764538
Primary Source Sonkin, L.S.: The role of particle size in experimental airborne infection. Am. J. Hyg. 53: 337–354 (1951).PubMed ID14829446
Comments "... the case of Streptococcus Group C bacteria, which show[s] an inhalation LD50 in mice of 200 when carried on particles with da = 2 µm, compared with an inhalation LD50 of 20×10^6 when carried on particles with da = 12µm (primary source)."
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