Cell diameter

Range 0.6 to 2.1 µm
Organism Cyanobacteria Synechococcus spp.
Reference S. Bertilsson, O. Berglund, D. M. Karl, S. W. Chisholm, Elemental composition of marine Prochlorococcus and Synechococcus: Implications for the ecological stoichiometry of the sea, Limnol. Oceanogr., 48(5), 2003, 1721–1731 link p.1721 right column
Primary Source Herdman, M., R. W. Castenholz, J. B. Waterbury, and R. Rippka. 2001. Form-genus XIII. Synechococcus, p. 508–512. In D. R. Boone, R. W. Castenholz, and G. M. Garrity [eds.], Bergey’s manual of systematic bacteriology. V. 1, 2nd ed. Springer.
Comments See Kihara et al., 2014 PubMed ID 24806920 p.1885 right column 3rd paragraph: "Synechococcus cell sizes vary between 0.8 and ~1.5 µm in diameter..."
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