FasL expression in carcinoma cancers

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Organism Eukaryotes
Reference Du C, Wang Y. The immunoregulatory mechanisms of carcinoma for its survival and development. J Exp Clin Cancer Res. 2011 Jan 21 30: 12. doi: 10.1186/1756-9966-30-12. p.3 table 2PubMed ID21255410
Comments "Two patterns of FasL expression on carcinoma cells have been shown by immunohistochemical staining: (1) up-regulation of FasL expression on carcinoma is positively associated with clinicopathological features in patients, shown by that FasL expression is an early event in epithelial cell transformation (adenoma), followed by an increase in the percentage of FasL-expressing carcinoma cells in high-stage or -grade lesions, and the poorer survival of patients with high levels of FasL expression (Table 2) and (2) high levels of FasL expression have been seen as an independent factor for clinicopathological features, indicated by the positive staining of persistent FasL expression regardless of tumor stage, histologic grade, invasion and metastasis in many studies."
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