Percentage of Rubisco out of total protein in several plants

Range 5 to 40 %
Organism Plants
Reference Losh JL, Young JN, Morel FM. Rubisco is a small fraction of total protein in marine phytoplankton. New Phytol. 2013 Jan 24. doi: 10.1111/nph.12143. p.1 left columnPubMed ID23343368
Primary Source Joseph MC, Randall DD. Photosynthesis in Polyploid Tall Fescue : II. Photosynthesis and ribulose-1, 5-bisphosphate carboxylase of polyploid tall fescue, Plant Physiol. 1981 Oct68(4):894-8. AND Pickersgill RP. An upper limit to the active site concentration of ribulose bisphosphate carboxylase in chloroplasts. Biochem J. 1986 May 15 236(1):311. AND Rowland-Bamford AJ, Baker JT, Allen LH, Bowes G. 1991. Acclimation of rice to changing atmospheric carbon-dioxide concentration. Plant, Cell & Environment 14: 577–583.PubMed ID16662021, 3790081
Comments "The vast majority of measurements reveal ... still high, concentrations in plants ranging from 5% to 40% of total protein. This variation is found among different species, including rice, tobacco, spinach and various grasses (primary sources) and varies widely even within a single plant depending on the quantification method, growth stage or which leaf is sampled". "Rubisco concentration [is] defined here as the fraction of Rubisco to total protein by mass."
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