Fermentation of D-xylose and D-ribose

Range Table - link mol/100 mol pentose fermented
Organism Bacteria Klebsiella pneumoniae
Reference Papoutsakis ET, Meyer CL. Fermentation equations for propionic-acid bacteria and production of assorted oxychemicals from various sugars. Biotechnol Bioeng. 1985 Jan27(1):67-80 p.77 table XIPubMed ID18553577
Primary Source Altermatt HA, Simpson FJ, Neish AC. The anaerobic dissimilation of D-ribose-1-C14, D-xylose-1-C14, D-xylose-2-C14, and D-xylose-5-C14 by Aerobacter aerogenes. Can J Biochem Physiol. 1955 Jul33(4):615-21PubMed ID13240533
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