Effect of ionic strength on the swimming speed of V. cholerae 1854 and V. alginolyticus VIO5

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Organism Bacteria Vibrio spp.
Reference Kojima S, Yamamoto K, Kawagishi I, Homma M. The polar flagellar motor of Vibrio cholerae is driven by an Na+ motive force. J Bacteriol. 1999 Mar181(6):1927-30. p.1928 table 1PubMed ID10074090
Method "The average swimming speeds were obtained by measuring at least 20 swimming tracks of cells generated from the integrated video images." See notes beneath table
Comments "As shown in Table 1, when the ionic strength of TMN medium was fixed at 300 mM, the motility of LB medium-cultured 1854 cells deteriorated and this deterioration became more severe as the concentration of NaCl increased."
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