Folding free energy of the average protein

Range -7.1 E. coli: -8.8 S. cerevisiae: -8:2 C. elegans kcal/mol
Organism Various
Reference Ghosh K, Dill K. Cellular proteomes have broad distributions of protein stability. Biophys J. 2010 Dec 15 99(12):3996-4002. p.3997 left column 1st paragraph under "Results"PubMed ID21156142
Method For E. coli, at 37°C, the average protein has a folding free energy of <?G>=-11.9RT~-7.1kcal/mol, where RT is the gas constant multiplied by absolute temperature (for which researchers used T=300 K here). For yeast (Saccharomyces cerevisiae (SCE)), for which <L>~475 and a=1.56, the average stability is <?G>=-14.7RT~-8.8kcal/mol. For the worm (Caenorhabditis elegans (CEL)), for which <L>~425 and a=1.23, the average protein stability is <?G>=-13.7RT~-8.2kcal/mol. Where <L> is the chain length and in the case of gamma distribution, the protein length variation can be measured by a shape parameter, a. The lower the a value, the greater the variation (Zhang 2000).
Comments The standard deviations of the stability distributions are 4.3 RT, 7.5 RT, and 7.5 RT for E. coli, yeast, and worm, respectively.
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