Summary of cosegregation of G6PD and HPRT in hybrid cell lines

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Organism Chinese hamster ovary (CHO)
Reference Rosenstraus MJ, Chasin LA. Separation of linked markers in Chinese hamster cell hybrids: mitotic recombination is not involved. Genetics. 1978 Dec90(4):735-60. p.744 table 4PubMed ID744475
Method Three fluctuation tests were performed in which samples from 20 to 24 independent cultures were challenged in 6-thioguanine-containing medium, and surviving colonies were stained for GGPD activity. In the second and third tests, samples were plated in hypoxanthine plus azaserine medium as well, to demand the retention of hprt+. The results of these fluctuation tests plus three additional tests using three different hybrids, are summarized in Table 4.
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