Fraction of termite energy requirement that is provided by microbial acetogenesis in termite guts

Value >= Unitless Range: 1/3 Unitless
Organism Termite
Reference Nardi JB, Mackie RI, Dawson JO. Could microbial symbionts of arthropod guts contribute significantly to nitrogen fixation in terrestrial ecosystems? J Insect Physiol. 2002 Aug48(8):751-763. p.754 left column 3rd paragraphPubMed ID12770053
Primary Source Breznak, J.A., 2000. Ecology of prokaryotic microbes in the guts of wood- and litter-feeding termites. In: Abe, T., Bignell, D.E., Higashi, M. (Eds.), Termites: Evolution, Sociality, Symbioses, Ecology. Kluwer Academic, Dordrect, Netherlands, pp. 209–231.
Comments Microbial acetogenesis in termite guts has been demonstrated to provide at least one third of the energy requirements of termites (primary source).
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