Protein concentrations

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Organism Bacteria Leptospira interrogans
Reference Malmström J, Beck M, Schmidt A, Lange V, Deutsch EW, Aebersold R. Proteome-wide cellular protein concentrations of the human pathogen Leptospira interrogans. Nature. 2009 Aug 6 460(7256):762-5 Table courtesy of the authorPubMed ID19606093
Method The developed strategy combines three mass spectrometry based proteomic methods, absolute quantification using isotope labeled reference peptides (Gerber et al., 2003 PMID 12771378), label free quantification and high throughput proteome sequencing by liquid chromatography tandem mass spectrometry (Mueller et al., 2007 PMID 17726677)
Comments The dynamic range of absolute abundance scale spans minimally three orders of magnitude from 40,000 copies per cell for protein LipL32 to single digit protein copies for low abundant proteins (Supplementary Table 2). Note-proteins sorted according to descending number of copies per cell (column D)
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