Permeability coefficient of carbon dioxide to lipid bilayer membranes

Value 0.35 cm/sec Range: ±0.04 cm/sec
Organism Generic
Reference Gutknecht J, Bisson MA, Tosteson FC. Diffusion of carbon dioxide through lipid bilayer membranes: effects of carbonic anhydrase, bicarbonate, and unstirred layers. J Gen Physiol. 1977 Jun69(6):779-94. p.787 2nd paragraphPubMed ID408462
Method Researchers measured the diffusion of CO2 across lipid bilayers composed of egg lecithin, cholesterol, and decane.
Comments In the presence of carbonic anhydrase (CA). Since researchers' membranes contained a high mole fraction of cholesterol, which decreases lipid fluidity, they expect some biological membranes to have CO2 permeabilities higher than 0.35 cms^-1.
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