Water content in mature pollen grain of angiosperm

Range 15-30 %
Organism Plants
Reference Boavida LC, Becker JD, Feijó JA. The making of gametes in higher plants. Int J Dev Biol. 2005 49(5-6):595-614. p. 599, right column, top paragraphPubMed ID16096968
Primary Source Heslop-Haeeison, J. (1979). An interpretation of the hydrodynamics of pollen. Am. J. Bot. 66: 737-743 AND Hoekstra, F.A. and Bruinsma, J. (1980). Control of respiration of binucleate and trinucleate pollen under humid conditions. Plant Physiol. 48: 71-77
Comments Mature pollen grains of angiosperms are released dehydrated (Fig. 1M p. 597), with a water content of 15-30%, which is associated with an almost inactive metabolism (primary sources).
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