Amino acid concentration (percent) in stem

Range Glutamine 36.4: Proline 28.2: Aspargine 11: Serine 6.1: Glutamate 4.9: Aspartate 3: Others 10.4 %
Organism Tobacco Nicotiana plumbaginifolia
Reference Brugiere N, Dubois F, Limami AM, Lelandais M, Roux Y, Sangwan RS, Hirel B. Glutamine synthetase in the phloem plays a major role in controlling proline production Plant Cell. 1999 Oct11(10):1995-2012. p. 2005 table 2 Table - link PubMed ID10521528
Method Mutants with reduced Glutamine synthase (GS) levels were compared to controls: To determine the effect of decreased levels of GS activity in the phloem on ammonia assimilation and amino acid biosynthesis and transport, transgenic and control plants were first grown for 8 weeks on a nitrate-containing solution (N12 solution) and then forced to assimilate large amounts of ammonium after a transfer to a complete nutrient solution containing 8 mM NH4+ as the sole nitrogen source for an additional 2 weeks.
Comments See note under table. Compared with untransformed controls, no significant differences in the total amino acid concentration were observed in leaves, stems, roots, xylem sap, or phloem sap of transgenic plants (table link).
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