Daily turnover of ATP

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Value 1 Body weight ATP/day Range: or ~60kg Body weight ATP/day
Organism Human Homo sapiens
Reference Buono Michael J. and Kolkhorst Fred W. Estimating ATP resynthesis during a marathon run: a method to introduce metabolism, Adv Physiol Educ 25: 70–71, 2001. article blink - link
Method With the use of the molar equation for the oxidation of carbohydrate, the amount of ATP resynthesized per mole of glucose. When the reactants and products are expressed in common metric units and by taking into account molecular weights and volumes per mole of ideal gasses state, and assuming that an average person typically consumes 400–500 liters of O2 per day.
Comments Note-a value of 1 body weight equivalent /day of ATP given by Törnroth-Horsefield et al., 2008 p. 19565 1st paragraph PMID 19073922
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