Genome size (smallest known RNA virus genome)

Value 1.7 Kb
Organism Hepatitis delta virus
Reference Huang CR, Lo SJ. Evolution and diversity of the human hepatitis d virus genome. Adv Bioinformatics. 2010:323654. link p. 1 right column PubMed ID20204073
Primary Source [4] M. M. C. Lai, “The molecular biology of hepatitis delta virus,” Annual Review of Biochemistry, vol. 64, pp. 259–286, 1995. [5] S. Makino, M.-F. Chang, C.-K. Shieh, et al., “Molecular cloning and sequencing of a human hepatitis delta (d) virus RNA,” Nature, vol. 329, no. 6137, pp. 343–346, 1987 [6] J. M. Taylor, “Hepatitis delta virus,” Virology, vol. 344, no. 1, pp. 71–76, 2006. [7] K.-S. Wang, Q.-L. Choo, A. J. Weiner, et al., “Structure, sequence and expression of the hepatitis delta (d) viral genome,” Nature, vol. 323, pp. 508–514, 1986.PubMed ID7574482, 3627276, 16364738, 3762705
Comments P.1 right column: "The genome size of RNA viruses is generally shorter than that of DNA viruses and ranges approximately from 2 to 31 kb. The smallest RNA virus identified to date is the human hepatitis D virus (HDV) which is about 1.7 kb in size and contains only one ORF [primary sources]."
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