Influence of prior incubation temperature on growth kinetics

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Organism Bacteria Aeromonas hydrophila
Reference Hudson JA (1993) Effect of Preincubation Temperature on the Lag Time of Aeromonas-Hydrophila. Letters in Applied Microbiology 16:(5) 274-276 p. 275 Tables 1 & 2
Method Two Aeromonas hydrophila strains, ATCC 7966' and a food isolate, JAH 4 were cultured as specified in text. Inocula were grown at either 5, 15, 25 or 35°C in shaking water baths and subcultured into pre-equilibrated media at these four temperatures (16 combinations). Inocula were subcultured three times at the preincubation temperature, when the optical density (O.D.) at 650 nm was 0.5 ensuring that subcultures were made during the early logarithmic phase of growth.
Comments Generation times were approximately equal for the two strains at 25 and 35°C. See BNID 105944
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