Free energy change for ATP hydrolysis and reversal potential of sodium potassium pump in cardiac purkinje cell

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Organism Sheep Ovis aries
Reference Glitsch HG, Tappe A. Change of Na+ pump current reversal potential in sheep cardiac Purkinje cells with varying free energy of ATP hydrolysis. J Physiol. 1995 May 1 484 ( Pt 3):605-16.PubMed ID7623279
Method In order to vary delta GATP the cell interior was dialysed with patch pipette solutions containing 10 mM ATP and different concentrations of ADP and inorganic phosphate. The media were composed to produce delta GATP levels of about -58, -49 and -39 kJ mol-1. ?G(hydrolysis) was calculated from ?G(hydrolysis)=?G°(hydrolysis)+ R×T×ln[ATP]/([ADP]×[Pi]). where ?G(ATP) denotes the standard free energy of ATP hydrolysis. [ATP], [ADP] and [Pi] represent the respective concentrations of adenosine triphosphate, adenosine diphosphate and inorganiic phosphate in the patch pipette media. R and T have their usual meaning.
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