Highest cell densities by various propagation techniques of E. coli

Range 54-190 Table - link g/L
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference Shiloach J, Fass R. Growing E. coli to high cell density a historical perspective on method development. Biotechnol Adv. 2005 Jul23(5):345-57 p.351 table 1PubMed ID15899573
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Comments P.347 2nd paragraph: "The cell density obtained by Gallup and Gerhardt is very close to the maximal possible density of an E. coli liquid culture, which today is estimated to be about 200 g/l dcw. According to Lee (1996), E. coli culture fluidity is lost when the dry cell weight is higher than 220 g/l." 54 g/L for Semi-defined Medium yeast Extract with glucose as Carbon source, 190 g/L in membrane dialysis reactor with glycerol as carbon source. See BNID 104941 for highest value on Luria Bertani broth of 20.5 g/L. Note-These values(54-190 g/L) are reached when a limited amount of nutrients is supplied. Counter-intuitively, as nutrient levels in medium increase they become inhibitory and a lower cell density can be reached ~15g/L for the maximum non-inhibitive concentration of nutrients (BNID 105323).
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