Reovirus burst size in the algae Micromonas pusilla

Value 490 Virions/burst
Organism Reovirus MpRV (Micromonas pusilla ReoVirus)
Reference Brown, C.M., Lawrence, J.E., and Campbell, D.A. (2006) Are phytoplankton population density maxima predictable through analysis of host and viral genomic DNA content? J Mar Biol Assossiation UK 86: 491–498. Table - link
Primary Source Brussaard CP, Noordeloos AA, Sandaa RA, Heldal M, Bratbak G. Discovery of a dsRNA virus infecting the marine photosynthetic protist Micromonas pusilla. Virology. 2004 Feb 20 319(2):280-91.PubMed ID14980488
Method Burst size: range estimated by both flow cytometry and microscopy (TEM) (Brussaard et al., 2004). Measurement for table link: Burst sizes were derived from either indirect estimates from dilution to- extinction assays of infectivity (Suttle, 1993) or direct counts done with flow cytometry or transmission electron microscopy (TEM). Whenever possible, researchers used direct count estimates, since viral burst size estimates based on infectivity can underestimate viral particle numbers (Van Etten, 1983 Cotrell & Suttle, 1995).
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