Reaction and standard changes in free energies for methanogenesis

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Organism Archaea
Reference Garcia JL, Patel BK, Ollivier B. Taxonomic, phylogenetic, and ecological diversity of methanogenic Archaea. Anaerobe. 2000 Aug6(4):205-26.PubMed ID16887666
Primary Source Whitman W.B., Bowen T.L. and Boone D.R. (1992) The methanogenic bacteria. In Balows A., Truper H.G., Dworkin M., Harder W. and Schleifer K.-H. (eds), The Prokaryotes, 2nd ed. pp. 719-767. Springer-Verlag, Berlin
Comments Calculated from the free energy of formation of the most abundant ionic species at neutral pH. Thus, CO2 is HCO3- + H+ and formate is HCOO- + H+.
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