Turnover of carboxypeptidase

Value 100 sec^-1
Organism Various
Reference Stein, Wilfred D., Channels, carriers and pumps An introduction to Membrane Transport, 1990 Academic press inc. Harcourt Brace Jovanovich, Publishers pp.140 Table - link
Primary Source C. R. Cantor and P. R. Schimmel, "Biophysical chemistry." Freeman, New York 1986 AND Stein (1986) "Transport and diffusion across Cell Membranes," Chapter 4. Academic Press, Orlando Florida
Comments Carboxypeptidase is an enzyme that hydrolyzes the carboxy-terminal (C-terminal) end of a peptide bond. Humans, animals, and plants contain several types of carboxypeptidases with diverse functions ranging from catabolism to protein maturation.
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