Pi concentration in Maize Mesophyll Chloroplasts in dark

Value 19.7 mM
Organism Corn Zea mays
Reference Usuda H. Adenine Nucleotide Levels, the Redox State of the NADP System, and Assimilatory Force in Nonaqueously Purified Mesophyll Chloroplasts from Maize Leaves under Different Light Intensities. Plant Physiol. 1988 Dec88(4):1461-1468. Table - link PubMed ID16666481
Method AdN was measured by HPLC after extraction of the dried mesophyll chloroplast fraction into 3% HC104.
Comments In the dark, where the flux of PGA to DHAP would be low, R, the mass action ratio, was one order of magnitude higher than the thermodynamic equilibrium constant, assuming that stromal pH in the dark is 7.4. Value is mean of two experiments
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