Increase in premature peptide release at A site of ribosome when there are single nucleotide codon mismatches at both P site and E site

Value 4 Orders of magnitude
Organism bacteria
Reference Hani S. Zaher and Rachel Green, Fidelity at the Molecular Level: Lessons from Protein Synthesis. Cell Volume 136, Issue 4, 20 February 2009, Pages 746-762PubMed ID19239893
Primary Source Zaher HS, Green R. Quality control by the ribosome following peptide bond formation. Nature. 2009 Jan 8457(7226):161-6.PubMed ID19092806
Method a well-defined in vitro bacterial translation system
Comments When mismatches are formed in both the P- and E-sites, as might result from iterated errors caused by the initial P-site mismatch, the rates of release on sense codons are stimulated by as much as 4 orders of magnitude.
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