Increase in concentration of α-tocopherol in brain of scrapie prion diseased mouse

Value 50 %
Organism Mouse Mus musculus
Reference Guan Z, Söderberg M, Sindelar P, Prusiner SB, Kristensson K, Dallner G. Lipid composition in scrapie-infected mouse brain: prion infection increases the levels of dolichyl phosphate and ubiquinone. J Neurochem. 1996 Jan66(1):277-85 abstractPubMed ID8522965
Method P.279 left column 4th paragraph: "α-Tocopherol, as well as reduced and oxidized Q, were quantitated immediately after homogenization of the tissue. A rapid extraction procedure was used to avoid oxidation (Åberg et al., 1992)."
Comments Abstract: "In terminally ill mice, there was also a 2.5-fold increase in both total ubiquinone and its reduced form. Furthermore, alpha-tocopherol was elevated at this stage by 50%."
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