Derived estimation for number of carbon atoms per cell (for a cell of dry mass 0.28pg)

Value 7e+9 Carbon atoms
Organism Bacteria Escherichia coli
Reference See measurement method for derivation
Method For a cell dry mass of 0.28pg (BNID 103904) and carbon content of ~48% (BNID 101 800). There are 0.28E-12g×0.48×6E23/12 ~ 7E9 carbon atoms per cell. Mass is characteristic of balanced growth at 37°C in glucose minimal medium. Mass doubling time: 40min. Estimated by Ron Milo.
Comments Not a measured value. See description in method. Mass of cell can vary see e.g. BNID 102230, 102243. Thus a reasonable order of magnitude is 10^10 carbons/cell
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ID 103010