Median haploid cell volume

Value 42 µm^3 Range: ±2 µm^3
Organism Budding yeast Saccharomyces cerevisiae
Reference Jorgensen P, Nishikawa JL, Breitkreutz BJ, Tyers M. Systematic identification of pathways that couple cell growth and division in yeast. Science. 2002 Jul 19 297(5580):395-400 p.398 table 1 bottom row 3rd column from leftPubMed ID12089449
Method (Supplementary material 1st paragraph:) "Cultures were grown overnight in XY medium (2% peptone, 1% yeast extract, 0.01% adenine, 0.02% tryptophan) containing 2% glucose, diluted ~300-fold into fresh medium and grown for at least 5 hours (which corresponded to three population doublings for wild-type) at 30°C to a final density of 0.3-3×10^7 cells/mL, a cell density range in which wild-type size distributions do not vary. To obtain each size distribution, 100µL of culture was diluted into 10mL of IsotonII, sonicated gently for 10s to disperse aggregated cells, and analyzed with a Coulter Channelizer Z2 (Beckman-Coulter). Cell size distributions were saved in a tabular form, as a function of cell counts in each of 256 size bins."
Comments Doubling time of 87±6 min. For mean volume of 37 µm^3 see BNID 100430. See BNID 103715, 105103.
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