Genome size of HIV-1 HXB2

Value 9719 nts
Organism HIV
Reference HIV Sequence Compendium 2008. Carla Kuiken, Thomas Leitner, Brian Foley, Beatrice Hahn, Preston Marx, Francince McCutchan, Steven Wolinsky, and Bette Korber editors. 2008. Publisher: Los Alamos National Laboratory, Theoretical Biology and Biophysics, Los Alamos, New Mexico. LA-UR 08-03719. p.3 top axis in figure in link
Comments See note at bottom of p.3 in ref. "Open reading frames are shown as rectangles. The gene start, indicated by the small number in the upper left corner of each rectangle normally records the position of the a in the atg start codon for that gene, while the number in the lower right records the last position of the stop codon." HIV has 2 ssRNA (2n) chromosomes that contain 9 genes according to Cold Spring Harbor's Dolan DNA learning center - link
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