Relative Molecular masses of deoxy nucleotides

Range 307-347 Table - link Da
Organism Generic
Reference Dolezel J, Bartos J, Voglmayr H, Greilhuber J. Nuclear DNA content and genome size of trout and human. Cytometry A. 2003 Feb51(2):127-8 p.128 table 1PubMed ID12541287
Method "Calculated with the following standard atomic weights as provided by Vocke [Vocke RD. Atomic weights of the elements 1997 (technical report). Pure Appl Chem 199971:1593–1607.]: Ar(H) = 1.0079, Ar(C) = 12.0107, Ar(N) = 14.0067, Ar(O) = 15.9994, Ar(P) = 30.9738. Standard atomic weights are scaled to nuclide 12C with Ar(12C) = 12 and rounded to four decimals."
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